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What’s your Magnetism Score?

Struggling to raise capital for your next great venture? Raising capital is easy if done the right way. Download the Magnetism Scorecard to find out if you’re missing one or more of the 5 essential elements.

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George Ross

George Ross Mastermind – July 2017

George Ross Mastermind – July 2017

This month's call with George was amazing, as always. We talked about a default on a sale, a frivolous law suit, funding a headline Vegas show, and how to deal with an asset sale where the liabilities of the seller should be tied to the asset, and much, much more. The...

Special Guests

Expat Lifestyle Investing with Brian Davis

Expat Lifestyle Investing with Brian Davis

If you've ever thought about embarking on an expat lifestyle as a real estate investor, you'd know that this journey comes with both challenges and opportunities. Today, I, Victor Menasce, would like to share insights from my insightful conversation with Bryan Davis,...