About victor menasce

victor menasce

From Silicon Valley to Real Estate

Since 2008 I have focused my professional life on real estate investments. This started locally in Canada, and moved quickly into the US markets as the opportunities for great investments presented themselves. This was a right hand turn in my career.

I spent the first 25 years of my career in the high tech industry. My past roles include, Vice President of Engineering at Wavesat, a developer of chips for wireless networks, and Chief Technical Officer at Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, a Silicon Valley based public company that develops processors for use in numerous consumer products including televisions and gaming. I was founder and Chief Operating Officer at Somerset Technologies. I also held several senior roles in marketing and engineering with Tundra Semiconductor. I started my career at Bell Northern Research and Nortel where I designed chips that were used to control the telephone network. For approximately a decade, 54% of the phone calls in North America were routed by a chip that I designed.

A Life of Meaning in Real Estate

I have conducted business in over 15 countries, forged numerous partnerships, raised capital, been awarded patents, acquired businesses, negotiated deals, led organizations, and brought about business improvement.

On my 18th trip to Tokyo in a year and a half, it was clear that I was on the wrong path. The way I was working wasn't right for me, nor for my family. I made the conscious decision to move full-time into the world of real estate investment.

I am having the time of my life, leveraging the accumulated business learning and applying my skills to the world of investments. I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my family.