Understanding Implied Marketing in Real Estate Investment

Your marketing approach as a real estate investor speaks volumes about your positioning in the marketplace. This articulation is not always direct, but rather, implied. The reality of the world of investing lets you make all the right noises, but what matters the most is what you signal implicitly to your audience and prospective clients.

Sharing Your Journey

There’s no shame in being new in the world of real estate investing. However, always remember that your position on the journey of investing speaks clearly in your marketing. Handing out bright yellow business cards saying that “we buy houses” is eloquent enough of being a rookie. Leading companies like the giants Blackstone Group or Invitation Homes, despite their extensive involvement in property acquisition, refrain from using such simplistic taglines.

Setting the Right Impression

The way established investors speak about their dedication to managing properties, delivering quality or value to customers, and their focus areas is what truly sets them apart. Their tagline, therefore, isn’t directly about the service but the experience. Elon Musk, for instance, we all know he has a private jet, but that fact doesn’t taint every part of his publicly known life. When marketing your business in real estate investment, your messaging should focus on what you can deliver, rather than broadcasting your largesse.


Another point to mention is the image you portray of your organization. Using your last name for business purposes only implies that your business revolves around just you and nobody else. This impression is damaging as it indirectly conveys that if something were to happen to you, the business would cease. Instead, use “we”. Doing so sells the idea of a team behind the operations and gives a sense of reliability and sustainability.

Checklist Description
Be realistic Present yourself authentically. Don’t overstate your capabilities.
Consider the message Consider what your marketing material is saying implicitly.
Be customer-focused Make sure your marketing material prioritizes customer benefits.
Show integrity Avoid creating an image that isn’t authentic.
Show consistency Ensure your brand message is consistent across all materials and platforms.

In conclusion, your identity, be it as a real estate investor, author, public speaker, or realtor, should be lucid and precise to your audience. You should appear professional, competent, and trustworthy. Remember, the way you position your business in real estate investment influences how you are perceived and eventually, it can make or break your success.

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