Innovations in Real Estate Trust Creation with Alessandro Chesser

Welcome to a discussion about several types of trust and their various applications in estate planning and personal asset protection. I’m Victor Menasce, your host of the Real Estate Espresso Podcast daily show. On today’s special weekend edition, we dive into the world of real estate investing with Alessandro Chesser, the co-founder of Dynasty, who took us on a fascinating journey through his career and experience in the world of financial services and tech startups.

The Backstory

Alessandro, who began his career in financial services centered on high-net-worth individuals, has moved into the fintech space. Drawing from his previous experience with Silicon Valley startup Carta, a company that digitizes legal documents for startups and investors, Alessandro established Dynasty on a simple, yet profound insight โ€“ the world needed a way to digitize trusts, the tool that the top 5% use to protect their assets and avoid taxes.

Trusts 101

Although the idea of trusts may seem abstract, they are the very heart of asset protection and estate planning. In the U. S., for example, 95% of homes are not under trust, thereby exposing the homeowners’ families to lengthy and expensive probate court processes. A trust can help to avoid the legal headaches associated with property inheritance disagreements that can ruin family bonds.

Types of Trusts

Dynasty supports both simple and complex trusts, including revocable and irrevocable trusts. The most prevalent is the revocable living trust, which serves primarily to avoid probate court. It also provides privacy for families as the property is owned by the trust and not an individual.

Dynasty Trust Innovations in Real Estate

Dynastyโ€™s real breakthrough lies in its innovative approach to transferring the title deed. This process is complex and burdensome, requiring owners to work manually with solicitors to transfer their property into a trust. But Dynasty has automated the procedure, building a much simpler and cost-effective method to transfer the property into a trust following its creation. This area, coupled with Dynastyโ€™s digital trust creation, has revolutionised the field.

The Vision

Alessandro envisions a seamless asset protection world where trusts would be as commonplace to Americans as owning a home or opening a bank account. Trusts should become an integral part of people’s financial lives instead of being relegated to complex legal matters that only the rich can navigate.


Alessandro and his team at Dynasty are its working tirelessly to democratize the use of trust. This move will remove the barriers the average homeowner faces in trying to protect their property, essentially transforming the worlds of asset protection and estate planning. Those interested in creating simple, free trusts in less than five minutes can visit

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