If you’ve ever thought about embarking on an expat lifestyle as a real estate investor, you’d know that this journey comes with both challenges and opportunities. Today, I, Victor Menasce, would like to share insights from my insightful conversation with Bryan Davis, an accomplished real estate investor currently residing in Lima, Peru.

Podcast Summary

  • Introduction and Guest Background:
    • Victor Menasce interviews Brian Davis, a real estate investor based in Lima, Peru.
    • Brian and his wife moved abroad in 2015 and initially had 14-15 rental properties in Baltimore, Maryland.
    • Moving to Abu Dhabi highlighted the effort required to manage rental properties, leading Brian to shift towards passive real estate investments like syndications and private notes.
  • Expat Lifestyle:
    • Brian discusses the expat lifestyle, emphasizing the benefits such as free furnished housing, full premium health coverage, and paid flights home.
    • He explains the challenges of managing a US-based business from different time zones, which influenced their move from Abu Dhabi to Brazil.
  • Business Growth and Challenges:
    • Brian notes the importance of networking and attending live events, which has been challenging due to the logistics of living abroad.
    • He plans to prioritize attending major live events in the future to foster business growth.
    • The need for joining a high-end mastermind group and being part of a like-minded community is highlighted.
  • Future Plans:
    • Considering moving back to the US to be closer to family and to be part of a business-oriented community.
    • Recognizes the isolation felt due to different career goals and ambitions of the expat community around them.
  • Business Information:
    • Brian’s business, SparkRental, offers a passive real estate investment club where members can invest in real estate deals with smaller amounts.
    • The club creates a new LLC for each deal, allowing members to diversify their investments.

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