Introduction to International Real Estate Investing

The crux of today’s conversation is about broadening our horizons and unlocking the numerous opportunities in international real estate investing.

Embracing Investment Freedom

One essential truth about real estate is that it is a hyper-local business. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be firmly planted near your investments. You can live where your heart desires and invest where the numbers promise an excellent ROI. Our company is the perfect illustration of this principle; we are active investors in nine states, discerning the potential of a location based on supply, demand, and the financial metrics of the area at that time. Every project is unique, arising from a distinctive blend of circumstances that often uncovers compelling opportunities.

Sprouting Across the States

Whether the project is located in Colorado, Florida, Utah, or even Canada, our involvement often starts as consulting engagements, morphing into active engagement as it makes more financial sense. These projects range from developing next to a ski resort, providing workforce housing in the Pacific Northwest, to developing a major residential project in the heart of Ottawa, Canada.

Investing in Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, the nation’s capital, presents a thriving real estate market, having experienced only marginal price drops over the past 70 years. With the city witnessing a massive population growth, the focus of immigrants is shifting from the overcrowded and expensive Toronto to more relaxed cities such as Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa.

For those interested, don’t hesitate to sign up for our upcoming webinar where we will be discussing this major project in more detail. Understanding that foreign investment may seem daunting, I assure you that the tax treaty between the US and Canada is designed to keep transactions as simple and tax-efficient as possible. Note that we don’t believe in high-pressure pitches; the decision to invest should be based on the harmony of goals for both the project and the investor.

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