Welcome to a deeper look into the world of real estate investing, particularly focusing on the intricate and often misunderstood realm of Family Office Real Estate Investment Strategies. In this discussion, we have the pleasure of hosting Richard Wilson, an experienced player in this field, who will share invaluable insights garnered from over a decade in the industry.

Richard Wilson’s Background

As a seasoned expert in the world of real estate investing, Richard Wilson has proved himself a force to reckon with. Launching the investor club Family Office Club in 2007, Richard has since expanded his reach, hosting 275 live events and authoring 13 books on investment. His specialty remains steadfast in helping investors set up their family office, source deals, and those seeking to raise capital from these investors. The community-based platform offers a unique approach to real estate investing, which Richard shares in great detail.

A Multifaceted Role In Real Estate Investment

Richard emphasizes the importance of diversification in investment. While real estate investments are integral, he stresses the importance of investors also playing an offensive game, particularly in the areas of their strengths. This combination allows investors to scale effectively, something Richard assists with via direct investment opportunities, helping investors put components in place, and upgrading their wealth advisors.

Family Values and Wealth Preservation

When dealing with high net worth families, there’s often more to consider than just their financial assets. Richard discusses the crucial role of understanding and integrating family values and objectives, to maintain a personalized approach to their wealth. This ethos is the core foundation of a successful family office, allowing them to make informed investment decisions tailor-fitted to their unique circumstance. From a practical standpoint, their team also helps to avoid costly compliance mistakes, lending credence to their pioneering strategy of hard work and smart work.

Live Events and The Power of Learning

According to Richard, their live events are vital pillars to the functionality of the Family Office Club. With annual in-person events, live streams, and recordings available on their app and web portal, their members enjoy a continuous learning environment. He highlights the power of networking at these events and the transformative potential of establishing meaningful relationships. Channeling the mindset of billionaires like Sam Zell, he advocates for the importance of always be learning.

Connect with Richard Wilson

For those inspired and intrigued by Richard’s work, he invites them to connect through the Family Office Club website, where event schedules and membership options can be perused, get his free book at, or through their YouTube channel to access video content to help you make a decision.