On today’s show we are focusing on a change that is looming in the world of real estate marketing. 

It’s well established that the average person has a hard time visualizing what their new home or perhaps their rental apartment will look like when fully furnished. Some furniture businesses have been investing heavily in the technology to help you visualize what their furniture would look like if placed in your home.

That is very useful and can really help potential customers in making a buying decision on that new sofa or coffee table. 

When a developer shows renderings of a future project these images or animations are helpful in visualizing the future project. 

But there is little doubt that what we are seeing is an artists rendition. Nobody is fooled into thinking that they are seeing a real image. The images and videos are helpful, but not misleading. 

Enter the world of generative artificial intelligence.

The next version of Chat GPT is version 5 which has not been released. Some of the industry analysts that I follow are saying that version 5 has not been released because it is actually too realistic. 

From a text description, it is possible to generate a photorealistic video that matches the text directive. The problem is not that an animation can be created from a text description. That’s cool and frankly even desirable for a number of applications. 

The problem is that if an AI generated video is indistinguishable from a real video, the brain has a problem consuming any content in the future. We have no moral, ethical or psychological dilemma when viewing an animation.


Host: Victor Menasce

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