FAQ - Talk with George

Frequently asked questions

Why is George doing this?
George loves to teach. He taught negotiation at NYU for over 20 years. He didn't need to, he wanted to. Today, he's active as a mentor to the students at Nassau Community College helping marketing students in the business program.

How often are the calls?
They are scheduled monthly. They are scheduled several months in advance according to George's availability. We attempt to keep them approximately in the middle of each month. Sometimes that's not possible due to travel schedules.

Can I use a part of the recordings for my own marketing purposes?
Yes you may. However, please do not edit the recording to change the meaning of what was said.

How do I get to ask a question of George directly?
George loves to answer your questions. We have time for about 10-12 questions in a one hour call with George. I can't guarantee that your question will get on the call. But I'll make a best effort to make sure everyone gets sufficient access to George.

What types of questions should I be asking?
Questions that are of a general interest nature are great. They can be specific to your business, but they should be asked in a way that others can learn from it too. For example, you can ask about a specific negotiation problem that you're experiencing. Keep your question to a few sentences. George will review your questions in advance and will research or prepare a well thought-out answer.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Send a request via the contact form.