On today’s show we are talking about the ways a city can block your project from coming to reality.

Some people believe that once you have the correct zoning for your property, that’s all you need to submit your drawings to the building department for a building permit.

It turns out there are several other conditions that need to be met in addition to the basic zoning.

  1. Parking ratios
  2. Traffic load
  3. Utilities load for water, sewer, electric, gas and internet
  4. School capacity
  5. Fire code and access

You might have enough land to build your proposed building, and you might meet the zoning for your building. Of course you need to meet all the constraints for that particular building in terms of density, height, setbacks from the property line at the front yard, rear yard and side yards. But there is so much more.

We see so many projects being held up by cities much to the frustration of property owners. This is where a comprehensive understanding of the complete set of engineering constraints is so important.


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com