On today’s show we’re talking about a question that is on everyone’s mind. Construction prices are rising. Interest rates are rising. Not only are rates rising, but it looks like lender liquidity is shrinking. Rents are rising, but who knows for how long? Salaries are rising for now, but could flatten or even decline if we experience an economic downturn. Will that apartment project be affordable when it’s completed in two years from now? An economic recession seems all but certain. The question is, how do you underwrite a project in these market conditions when so many of the critical variables seem to be so uncertain?

I just came back from the 20th annual Investor Summit on Sand and these questions and more were the topic of seemingly every conversation whether it was over breakfast, or dinner, or late at night. Almost all of the 282 attendees are trying to make sense out of it.

We had Danielle DiMartino Booth, who worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for nine years provide us with an insider perspective on the most recent announcement last week from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

If you would like to see a replay of her talk, click the link —> https://fb.watch/dHcuFbbHe6/


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