Today is another AMA episode (Ask Me Anything). Keeler writes:

Hello, what are your thoughts are with 3D printed concrete houses? I have dreamt about starting a company and mass-producing rentals and for-sale homes ever since being in the trades. Building custom homes, schools, apartments over the last 5 years I’ve seen how slow buildings take to be built, especially when there are better and faster options.

I believe that they are going to take the market by storm. At least in the warmer climates, they are quicker turnaround, durable, slick, different, and cheaper to make than the wood-framed houses with fewer people involved.

Do you think the average purchasing public, renters, investors, or developers might turn their nose at such an idea as a concrete house built in a couple of weeks?

Any considerations that you may be a roadblock?


Host: Victor Menasce