On today’s show we’re talking about artificial deadlines. These types of manipulations exist all over. They’re designed to create a sense of urgency to cause people to act. One of the sources of competition for someone’s action is simply doing nothing. Often doing nothing is the default. The world of sales and marketing is full of techniques designed to cause a buyer to act now.

You have no doubt seen the call to action on the website. It says, “Call now” or Act now, or Order Now.

The most common technique is called FOMO, and acronym that is short for fear of missing out.

That’s why Black Friday Sales are effective. Black Friday only comes around once a year. Why could there not be a Monday sale, or a December 12th sale?

Because if they made the reason truly arbitrary with no plausible excuse, then the manipulation would be exposed for what it is.


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com