Today’s show is a personal story. We are all part of this journey called life. The daily struggles are universal. Managing time, energy, diet, exercise, finances, commitments, friendships, cleaning up messes and mistakes. Finding the time, and creating the space to live out your dreams.

I’m a pretty driven individual. If you’ve been listening to the podcast you probably have that sense by now.  

On today’s show I want to share with you something deeply personal about how I start my day each day. 

I’ve discovered that some days are better than others. Some are more productive than others. There are a number of factors that can come into play which affect the quality of my day. 

Sleep is high on the list. Sometimes I sleep really well, and other nights I don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern. 

My mindset in the morning is consistently the best indication of what kind of day I will have. 

This morning was one of those when I woke up at [5:00]. I had got to bed late and it took me a long time to fall asleep. I was really tired, my mind was already racing with thoughts about the day ahead and the insurmountable todo list. I was tired and I was anxious.

My wife was still sound asleep next to me and I didn’t want to wake her. So I put earphones on and listened to several podcast episodes including Hal Elrod, author of the Miracle Morning. By the time my wife was stirring, I was full of energy, determination and focus on the one thing that would be my focus for the day.

And then I slipped into the best part of my morning routine. I rolled over, gave my wife a hug for several minutes. We then put on the recording of our guided meditation. We both lay in bed, side by side, holding hands, while we did our meditation together. I gave her a kiss on the back of her neck and thanked her for being my best friend. 

We then got out of bed and continued with our morning routine.