Today is our monthly book of the month book review. Our book this month is Second Chance by Robert Kiyosaki. In order to be considered for book of the month, the book must meet a very simple criteria.

It has to capable of changing you life, or your perspective on the world. Of course, whether it changes your life is up to you. You can consume the content, remark on how good it is and then continue your life without making any changes. In fact, that’s what most people do. If that’s what you do, you’re missing the point.

A few weeks ago I spoke with Robert Kiyosaki about his book “Second Chance”. If you missed that episode, it’s episode 303 back on November 17. In that conversation, Robert talked about the book being a prophecy of sorts that was written several years ago. He also went on to say that circumstances have changed a lot since the book was written, and that many of the things that were predicted in that book have come true.

Here’s the number one reason I selected Second Chance as the book to review this month. It’s a book about resilience.