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2018 Goal Setting Retreat

Set in a luxurious 4.5 star beachfront resort on the Mayan Riviera, this week-long retreat combines 2 full days of intensive goal setting work, followed by less structured time to refine your goals and explore the local area. Goal setting and planning is the secret to success. This event will be transformational and you will attack the New Year with conviction, confidence and energy like never before.

Date: December 2-9, 2017


December 2
Ground Transportation from Cancun Airport to Vidanta Resort (separate email with details)
Arrival at Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

[6:00] PM Dine on your own at one of the many restaurants
[7:45] PM Meet in Mayan Palace Lobby
[8:00] PM – [9:00] PM – Introductory Session

December 3 
[8:45] AM – Meet at Azul Restaurant
[9:00][12:00]  Goal Setting @ Azul Restaurant Terrace.
[12:00][1:00]  Lunch @ Blue Fish
[13:00][16:30] Goal Setting @ Azul Restaurant Terrace.
[18:30] Group Dinner at Tramonto Restaurant

December 4
[8:45] AM – Meet at Azul Restaurant
[9:00][12:00]  Goal Setting @ Azul Restaurant Terrace.
[12:00][1:00]  Lunch @ Balve
[13:00][16:30] Goal Setting @ Azul Restaurant Terrace.

December 6
Bonus Economic Study Session
[9:00] – On the beach


The 2018 Goal Setting Retreat is an unique opportunity to get a jump on your goals for the next year in an intimate and inspirational setting. Attendance is limited to qualified business professionals, entrepreneurs, and real estate developers.

Registration: $1,100 when accommodations are paid separately.
Spouse/partner can join for $99. Meals and airfare not included.

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