Every year the Consumer Electronics Show happens in Las Vegas in early January. I used to attend this show every year when I was in the tech industry. Today, I don’t attend in person, but I do follow some of the innovations that are showcased at CES. 

This show is not real estate per se. But it provides a glimpse into what is happening in our world from a perspective that is not necessarily being reported in the mainstream media. Some of the sessions from CES are actually available in video format to view online from the comfort of your living room. Back when I was attending CES, none of the sessions were live streamed on the internet. 

There are a few themes that are noteworthy from this year's show.

Some technologies have extreme power, and with that extreme power comes extreme risk. 

AI is one of those technologies. Almost all of the booths at CES this year had those two letters AI somewhere in their booth graphics. 

For real estate investors, CES is a pilgrimage through the world of smart home automation and smart building systems. This is where you will get to see 

For real estate investors, there are some cost saving technologies that can bring some real convenience. There are new smart locks with palm reading technology. Simply present the palm of your hand to the lock and if it matches, voila, the door is unlocked. Some of the new locks also include facial recognition technology. 

 Headlining some of the announcements is the notion that Home Depot is about to become a major player in smart home automation. They already have a catalog of over 150 smart home products. But they are now also coming out with their own line of smart home hub, and integrations with many of the major manufacturers, along with their own products.