This week we are doing a mini series on value engineering, this is the process of saving money in a project, without necessarily degrading the project in terms of quality or functionality. 

On yesterday’s show we talked about one value engineering optimization. We spoke about how to save money in the construction of floor systems in wood frame construction. 

On today’s show we are examining one example of an additional cost that is being driven by new energy codes that are permeating the building code across North America. 

There is no doubt that improvements in insulation will reduce energy consumption in a building. 

The energy code in many jurisdictions is also looking to accomplish greater insulation. But in some cases, the code is prescriptive in the manner which this is accomplished. The code is prescribing  continuous rigid foam board insulation be attached outside the sheathing. Typically this extra 1” of insulation will give an extra R5, or 2” of insulation contributes an addition R10 of insulation on top of the insulation that is within the wall cavity.

The rigid continuous insulation adds nearly $2.80 per SF to the exterior cost of the building. Can you accomplish the same performance more efficiently? Listen and find out.


Host: Victor Menasce