Today’s question comes from Ramon who writes:

Dropping a quick note to thank you again for all that you do to make the RE Espresso amazing. I can’t imagine how much work it must be for you to consistently create such high-quality content. I hope you know how much value I and many others get from it. Specifically, your recent mini-series on business planning has been phenomenal, amazing insight into how to keep an organization aligned in working towards the right goals. Wondering if you would have any interest in doing a similar mini-series (or even single episode) on how you built Y Street Capital in the early days. How did you balance the financial commitment of expanding the team, building-out office space, etc, given the difficulty for a RE developer to accurately forecast the timing to generate revenue/liquidity events – especially in the early days before you had a solid base of cash flow from existing stabilized projects and consulting clients – vs the need for high quality help to sheppard projects and evaluate new opportunities? I think many people struggle with this chicken and egg problem and would be interested to hear how you approached it.


Host: Victor Menasce