On today’s show we are examining the ways in which energy efficient systems are not achieving their performance goals due in part to the way traditional systems have been used. As we are getting deeper into the winter heating season this is an important factor when it comes to energy efficiency and saving money in particular.

To understand this we need to take a closer look at how energy use is charged to the end customer and the interaction between the customer behaviour and the billing process and the third variable in the system which is the thermostat.

There is a very clear trend towards eliminating traditional heating systems replacing them with heat pumps. Heat pumps are theoretically more efficient than traditional counterparts like electric heaters, or petroleum based furnaces. 

Increasingly the electric utilities have introduced a multi tiered time of use pricing model. The rate that you pay for electricity use varies widely based on when you use it.

On today's show I will show you how to avoid some traps that can cost you a lot of extra money for no good reason.