On today’s show we are talking about the technology in some of the newest materials for new construction.

It’s increasingly common to have building plans examiners and building inspectors reject materials for use in a new construction project. This often comes down to an issue of liability. 

Gone are the days of stick building a frame and slapping on some siding. There is an entire building science and modern buildings have a lot of technology built into the structure, the cladding, the windows, in fact the entire building envelope. 

Buildings can degrade with moisture and multiple defences agains moisture penetration are key to having a long life building. 

That means designing layers to keep moisture out, and then making sure that moisture has a way to get out if it does happen to penetrate the first layer. The other source of moisture is the result of condensation. This happens when there is a difference in temperature between inside and outside. If its colder outside, then moisture is likely to be on the outside. If it’s colder inside, then moisture is likely to condense on the inside. Both can be a problem. 

The latest innovation is something called an air barrier. These new technologies have created confusion with contractors and many of them don’t understand the difference. 


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com