On today’s show we are challenging some conventional wisdom. Subtrades are pretty set in their ways about how things get built. They have their preferred suppliers. They expect materials to be packaged in a specific way. They have familiarity with a regular and repeatable process for installing materials. Any deviation from those tried and true methods is going to disrupt the normal flow. 

The key to building cost effectively often requires creativity. That can mean alternate sources of supply. Some materials can be purchased in lower cost geographies and shipped all over the world. The problem is that some materials have not been tested or certified to US or Canadian standards. Building codes are international in nature, but they are also highly localized as well. Many local jurisdictions point to the national codes and standards. But they often have local regulations to meet as well. 

Importing products that are not certified has risks. The most famous example is Chinese drywall. 

We have been scouring the planet for high quality materials that can reduce the cost of construction while still meeting the requirements of the building code and materials certification standards.


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com