When I speak with listeners of the podcast, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I come up with topics for the daily show. More specifically, how do I decide what angle to explore on a particular topic. 

I get this question often, so I decided to dedicate a few minutes to sharing how the background work happens in coming up with a new episode.  When deciding the content for the show, I’m looking for a variety of topics that are going to be interesting to my listening audience. 

That means a mix of topics that are more evergreen in nature, as well as topics that are a tie-in to the news. An evergreen topic is not tied to a particular point in time. For example, I did an episode on water rights and how they differ from one jurisdiction to another. 

Tie-ins are related to what’s happening now. For example, if the Fed makes an announcement on interest rates, then I’m going to report on that in real time. Talking about it a week later makes no sense. 

Real estate investing is affected by many factors, ranging from the macro-economy to the micro.

Then there are specific vertical asset classes each with their own dynamics. 


Host: Victor Menasce

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