This question comes from Sam who writes:

I have 7 acres near a major boat ramp North of Houston that I am looking to develop. 

The area has grown 4.11% per year for the last 2 years according to the Census. With a major development up the road I expect this trend to continue. I am having trouble finding info on income growth do you have any input on where to find this data?

Do you have a Development Pro-Forma that I could look at? I don't know what I don't know and would love to learn for your experience/mistakes. The land does not have many trees, ground is relatively flat and the lot will be crushed concrete. 

-Are Contractor Garages a good option to add to a storage facility/what is the typical square footage per capita needed?

-With Shipping Containers are you able to refinance the property once it's almost full or is it best to sell and buy something with Real Property?


Host: Victor Menasce