On today show we’re taking a look at how insurance is affecting choices in design. 

Why are some insurers are exiting geographic areas entirely. What does this mean for owners of real estate in those locations? Insurance is both optional and essential depending on your circumstances. If you were ultra wealthy, then you can self in sure. However, For the rest of us and for anyone who borrows funds from a bank insurance is not optional. So what happens if you reside in California and your insurer decides to exclude California from its product offerings? What do you do if you reside in Florida and now your insurance company has removed Florida from its list of offerings? Does that mean the risk of living in Florida is simply too high? Should everybody just leave? Why don’t we empty out the state of California. The risk of wildfires is simply too high for people to live there, not to mention the risk of earthquakes. There is considerable precedent for governments to step in and provide insurance solutions. When private businesses decide that insurance is no longer profitable. There are simply some risks for which there is no insurance at all. For example, you will not find an insurance policy that will cover you for the risk of a landslide anywhere in the United States, that is simply not an insurable risk. If you happen to live in California, and other parts of the country that have experienced landslides.

There are very few insurance companies offering flood insurance. When you buy flood insurance in the US, this policy is typically underwritten by the Federal Government and administered through your insurance broker.

Would you spend extra in construction if you knew it would reduce your insurance cost?


Host: Victor Menasce

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