In his book "Building an Elite Organization", Don Wenner, the CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, documents some of the principles that he has used to grow his company and has earned the honor of being on the Inc 5000 fastest growing company list for 8 years consecutively. Many of the ideas in the book are echo’s from other works. Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great is quoted frequently throughout the book. I met the author at an institutional investment conference. His company is well along the path of growth that our own organization shares. For that reason, I felt that it makes sense to learn from those who have paved the road before you. The folks at DLP also use ideas from the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman. We have reviewed that book on this show in the past. We too use the systems from Traction in our company. I consumed the book almost like a practical users’ guide to these other books that I have previously read and implemented in our business. What I learned from this book is that our implementation of these systems has flaws. I already knew that our implementation had flaws, but I didn’t necessarily know what the flaws were.


Host: Victor Menasce