Today's question comes from David who writes:

Thank you for all the education you provide daily! It’s clear and concise and relevant and much appreciated.

In talking with a Canadian associate this weekend I was informed that Canada doesn’t offer 30 year fixed financing like in the States. I never knew this!

In talking with another Canadian today we were discussing that in his lifetime there hasn’t been such a quick and continuous rise of interest rates. This appears to be new territory for Canada.

With the housing stats discussed, time on market increasing, and quantity of houses on the market decreasing, this is confusing. I understand why time on market would be increasing but can’t get my head around why quantity of housing on market is decreasing.

Wouldn’t folks with a mortgage rate that is potentially resetting  in the near future be in a position of having to get rid of these mortgages whose monthly payment is about to reset significantly higher?

Seems like a big onslaught of distressed property is headed down the pike in Canada.

What other factors do you see at play here that help to make sense of what appears to be conflicting numbers of time on market vs. quantity of houses on market.