On today’s show we are talking about the process for getting properties rezoned. The subject of today’s show is a three parcel land assembly in my home city of Ottawa Canada. 

At the start of the planning committee meeting there were no less than six projects being reviewed. Several that had contentious elements were held for further discussion after the procedural portion of the meeting.

That front end portion of the meeting that lasted a total of 11 minutes. In that time, all of the projects were announced including our project. The committee basically uses that introductory session to set the agenda for the remainder of the meeting.

We were asked if there was any public input. There being none, we asked if we wanted to make a presentation even if the committee recommended approval of the zoning application. We declined to present. The city staff on the file had been in fact notified prior to the meeting that they were not being asked to make a presentation at the meeting. 

The project goes next to city council within about a week for a vote, which is then followed by a 20 day appeal period. Upon expiry of the 20 day appeal period the zoning is fully ratified. 

Just like that, in about a minute, two years of work were came to a milestone. Our company has multiple projects underway. These are the moments we regularly work towards 


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com