Today is a milestone for the Real Estate Espresso Podcast. This is the 2000th episode of the podcast. It seems like yesterday that the podcast was a concept, an idea. I had been experimenting with various ways of communicating and had been a guest on numerous shows. Publishing a show for 2,000 days in a row has definitely been a project. 

In fact, of the 2M podcasts out there, 90% quit after 3 episodes, and another 90% of the remainder quit by episode 20. So to help celebrate 2,000 episodes, we’re going to be holding a little contest. A few lucky winners will be getting some podcast SWAG. We’re talking coffee mugs. I realize that some of you like a tall coffee and not just an espresso. So in about the time it takes you drink your morning coffee, you can share those few minutes with the real estate espresso podcast. To enter the content, send an email to and put the number 2,000 in the subject line. The drawing will be held on July 14. To all of those who enter, best of luck and thank you for celebrating 2,000 episodes with me. 

On today’s show, I’m going to take you through a little bit of a thought experiment. We know what has happened as a result of the rapid rise in interest rates and how it has affected the housing market. We know that supply of homes for sale has declined as a result of the so-called lock in effect.

 If interest rates fall, will we see a deluge of houses come onto the market for sale? 


Host: Victor Menasce