We have all experienced entering a search query only to receive a long list of unrelated products that happen to match one of the keywords in the search. 

Incorporating artificial intelligence into the customer experience will transform search. You might be wondering how this will affect real estate investors.

I’m glad you asked. 

Imagine you have a portfolio of rental properties and the client is looking for a three bedroom apartment within 10 minutes walking distance of a specific elementary school, or within a five minute walk of the number 65 bus route. Today’s apartment listing sites force you to wade through hundreds of listings and for you to make the determination whether a property will meet your criteria. 

In the future, those companies that deliver a better search experience will have the differentiated offering in the market.

In fact it will not be enough to incorporate AI in your offering. You have to remember, these systems can learn. Just like you have to train a newly hired employee in your business, you will need to train the software to respond appropriately for your target customer’s queries. 


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com