On today’s show we are talking about the process of getting approvals for even simple projects. 

We are talking about a project that recently received full approval to move forward with construction. Even in cases where the zoning is not changing and no new buildings are being built, it is possible that the site plan application results in a review of similar scope as a major planned used development.

Some areas are more difficult to develop than others due to the simple physical attributes of the site.

The property in question is in Winterhaven Florida. This is the site of our next industrial outdoor storage project. I’m pleased to report that this project has reached full approval to move into construction. Winterhaven, like much of central Florida has a lot of lakes. I mean a lot of lakes. On today's show we are talking about some of the complexity of designing in an area with a high water table.

As many of you know, our development company at Y Street Capital is very active in the world of storage among other things. 

I’d like to invite you to an educational session where we are going to do a deep dive on this subsegment of the storage asset class called industrial outdoor storage. The webinar is going to be on Tuesday May 16 and there are a few time slots to choose from. 

If you’d like to attend the webinar to learn more about IOS, click on the link in the show notes where you will have the opportunity to register for the information  session. 

This will be a relatively short webinar focused primarily on education you on the various factors, metrics and requirements of the industrial outdoor storage segment. 

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