There are government studies like the census which show migration patterns. These are comprehensive studies that focus on completeness. But there are other studies from moving companies and from U-Haul which illustrate migration patterns in a statistically significant way. The numbers might not be comprehensive, but they show the trends.

Allied Van Lines issued their migration report for 2022 which shows some distinct patterns. But Allied Van Lines is a premium moving service.

Would the more budget conscious movers that use U-Haul mirror the same trends or would the data be different for U-haul and Allied Van Lines. On today’s show we’re going to look at both and compare.

The top outbound states according to the Allied Van Lines study showed

California, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois topping the list.

New York has traditionally been thought of as an outbound state and historically has topped the list. New York had 45% inbound and 55% outbound, so they too lost population, but didn’t make the top five list.

Arizona, Texas, Florida, Tennessee and N Carolina and S Carolina made the top inbound state list.

Other states that boast strong inbound numbers include Idaho with 69.2% inbound and 30.8% outbound, Montana with 93% inbound and 7% outbound.

When we look at the Uhaul data, there are some similarities, and some differences.

The Uhaul data confirmed the same top states.

So we have looked at both Uhaul and Allied Van Lines and have been able to draw the same conclusion about which states are growing the fastest and shrinking the fastest. Even though a full service move and a DYI move are different, there is strong correlation between the two types of moves.


Host: Victor Menasce