When you think of Elon Musk, we largely think first of Tesla, or PayPal, or more recently Twitter. None of these has the potential to materially impact the value of real estate. But SpaceX has changed the value of real estate in ways that are not showing up readily in the metrics. At least, you might not see the effect right away.

Today, a large percentage of the population have adopted high speed internet. If you’re going to work from home, and participate in your office culture, you need a reliable high speed internet connection.

Despite the fact that the internet has been around on a large scale since the early 1990’s, there were many areas that were underserved.

This fact has kept many people from investing in rural properties. Rural properties offer a number of advantages for some families. It offers the potential of lower property taxes, lower utilities costs for those relying on well water and septic. A larger land parcel offers the potential for a home garden and a higher quality of life than a home in the suburbs.

Starlink now has enough satellites in their low earth orbit mesh to supply a decent coverage and very respectable data rates. They have launched 3,500 satellites and just broke the 1M subscriber milestone.


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