This year was a year of managing the unexpected. Jan 1, 2022 was a day of optimism and a fresh start in a new year. The world was on its umpteenth wave of Covid. 0micron was the new word added to the vocabulary. The word endemic was being used and many countries around the world were loosening travel restrictions. I personally have not fully returned to the pre-pandemic average of traveling twice a month. But I did travel 10 times this year. It was well below my average. But it’s starting to feel more normal again. The travel industry struggled to cope with the return to normal travel demand. Business travel is still down. The airlines that only months earlier had furloughed thousands, went on a hiring spree and struggled throughout the year to attract enough staff to cope with the resurgence in travel. Hotels lacked the cleaning staff and stopped changing linens daily.

2022 was a year of adapting to change.

Little did we know that we would witness a war that would rival the atrocities of WW-II. Little did we know that the vastly outgunned Ukraine would fight back and hold its ground. Little did we know that a new cold war would be the new world order. Little did we know that the conditions for a potential world war could be be brewing.

Little did we know that the red hot housing market would turn in a matter of weeks. Little did we know that the inflation that was readily apparent would catch the ire of central bankers who would kick the economy in the teeth because when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Host: Victor Menasce