Today is another AMA episode (Ask Me Anything). Today’s question comes from Collins

I’m the owner of a nice property on one of the main highways in an area of south Alabama that has sustained steady growth over the last 30 years.

In fact, the city recently placed a year long moratorium on development. I saw this time as an opportunity to achieve favorable zoning and have my land packaged for any would be purchasers or developers.

I am a “land dealer” in the IRS’s eyes so I’m taxed at ordinary business income levels on land sales… furthermore, a 1031 exchange is also not applicable to the circumstances on this property, and I’d rather not take the tax hit on an outright sale.

The restaurant chain, Five Guys, purchased a failed Pizza Hut not far from this location and they have signed a longterm ground lease with favorable payments and escalation clauses for the landowner.

Which leads me to my question…rather than going through the top 10 google results… how can I identify companies who may be inclined to enter a ground lease with me as the owner so I can create a stream of longterm recurring revenue? (LRR)

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Host: Victor Menasce