Real Estate values are often driven by influx of job and influx of population. On today’s show we’re talking about the semiconductor industry and the $52B injection of funds that are wrapped up in the CHIPS act. This 1054 page document is filled with goodies for the tech industry. The recent export ban on advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment and technology is aimed at slowing China’s ascent as a global technology player. The geopolitical instability and growing confrontation with China leaves the US vulnerable.

The CHIPS act has triggered several new announcements including facilities to be built by TSMC, Samsung, Micron, and Intel.

Samsung plans to build nine factories in Taylor Texas, and two in Austin. Micron has announced a new memory chip facility in the outskirts of Syracuse NY.

TSMC has plans for up to six factories at a location in Arizona.

Each of these facilities represent a lot of new jobs. These factories operate round the clock. But at the same time, I look at the capacity of each fab and ask the simple question, “Who will consume that many chips?”


Host: Victor Menasce