On today’s show we’re talking about what’s happening in the RV industry. We’ve seen white hot demand for RVs over the past two years. The requirement to social distance and limit contact to those in your immediate household during the pandemic made camping vacations an ideal choice for many families. The industry has struggled to keep pace with demand during the pandemic. The combination of material shortages and labor shortages has left many manufacturers unable to keep up with demand. Some customers were left waiting for more than a year to take delivery of their new RV.

So why are we talking about RV’s on a real estate podcast?

If you buy an RV, chances are you’re going to need a place to store it. It won’t fit in your driveway, and even if it did, then your home owners association or your local bylaw probably has a restriction on keeping large vehicles in your driveway. If you’re in the storage business, then boat and RV storage is probably a component of your business.


Host: Victor Menasce

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