Joseph in Boulder Colorado writes:

Thank you for all you do.  Your podcast is a real treat and we get so much from it.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote you an AMA about how to best serve our community, as an investor, after the devastating fires near Boulder Colorado.

The advice you gave in that podcast really spark my efforts towards helping the most amount of people and becoming a solution for the bigger problem.  Instead of worrying about the market and rents etc.  I decided to go out and create a private fire cleanup company using excavation equipment my partner and I had.

From this, we helped clean over 65 home lots and made a direct impact on getting our neighborhood back on its feet. Now that the fire cleanup efforts are over, this company, created basically from thin air is in a unique position to transition into digging and building foundations for the residential builders in the area.

Out of this sad event we are experiencing massive growth and booking several foundations already.  My question is as we are growing our organizational capacity is being strained, what kinds of software do you as a developer use to keep it all together?

Particularly, around CRM, Project Management, Vendor and Supply Management, and Scheduling.

Our current systems are clunky and often leave us wanting more integration and streamlining.

Thanks again for your advice and how much you put out for the real estate investment community.


Host: Victor Menasce