Today’s show is not what I was expecting to publish today. I’m here in the heart of Rome Italy. I’m one block from piazza del Popolo with its ancient Egyptian obelisk at the center of public square. It’s two blocks from Villa Borghese the gardens that were transformed by Cardinal Borghese in 1605 from a vineyard into a 200 acre park. The Spanish steps lead up to the entrance of the park. I came to visit my aunt of 97 years of age whose health was failing.

She didn’t have a specific life threatening ailment. But she was simply getting old and the body’s systems were not working like they used to.

The last family members to see my aunt were myself and her granddaughter. Nobody else got to see her in her final days. We grabbed a few slices of take-out pizza on Friday and ate in her formal dining room while she slept. That formal dining room was host to so many dinner parties over the years. Family dinners around the holidays, Friday night dinners with friends, dinners with some of Rome’s most notable people.

Those slices of pizza seemed insignificant at the time. In the scheme of things, those slices of pizza are still insignificant. Any significance to be attached to them are purely a story that I’m fabricating on my own.

Those slices of pizza will hold a special place in my memory forever, or for however long I have left on this planet.

I’m walking around her apartment. I sat down at the keys of her Steinway Grand Piano which she loved to play. I made a video recording of the last time she played the piano about six months ago. Even then, I had no idea of the significance of that recording.

Today will only happen once. So make sure to take the time and do what’s most important.

Take care of your health, hug your loved ones and tell them how important that are to you.


Host: Victor Menasce