On today’s show we are talking about managing projects. In particular, there is a disease in project management which I call one week itis. This is where a project is delayed by one week every week. Today’s show is a cautionary tale in which I’m going to describe a project management failure that happened in our company. Now we did correct it, but not nearly fast enough for my liking. I’m sharing this failure so that you can learn from our mistake and hopefully you don’t repeat the same mistake.

It happens that in some cases a project manager takes a high initiative role in managing a project. That’s often what you want as long as they are doing a good job of communicating what is happening in the project.

But we had a situation recently when the project manager was in fact using that posture to protect their ego. In truth, we don’t fully know why they were acting this way. Here is the story.


Host: Victor Menasce

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