On today’s show we are talking about how to time the market. This is a question that I often get from listeners. It’s also an argument that I hear from those who see value in staying invested in the stock market. They say that all you need to do is time the market. There are two aspects to timing the market. There is the month to month timing and then there is the real-time minute to minute market timing.

The pandemic changed a lot of things in our society and business. After two full years it’s easy to conclude that the current situation is the new normal.

Just as quickly as things changed at the start of the pandemic, things can change again. That doesn’t mean a return to 2019. Things never go back. There will be a new normal. It means that you as an investor need to make a bet on those trend level changes and time the market accordingly. Some have argued that if you got out of the market in 2020, as many advocated, you would have missed the pandemic induced fall in the market, but then you would have also missed the nearly two years of run-up in the stock market. Clearly the first quarter has been less than stellar in the stock market.


Host: Victor Menasce

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