Earlier this week we looked at the difference between an owner occupant versus an institutional owner. We asked if is it true that homes cost the same to operated regardless whether the owner is an individual or a corporate investor? We concluded that the costs were the same. On today’s show we’re asking whether institutions are driving the market and pushing people out of home ownership? Is the large scale purchase of homes by investors reducing home ownership rates across much of the country?

Is the middle class shrinking and are we indeed becoming a nation of renters instead of a nation of homeowners? Is the American dream, or the Canadian dream alive and well, or is it dying?

We’re going to look at some numbers from several states in the US to see what is happening in terms of home ownership.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis publishes some very useful statistics. There are regional differences in home ownership to be sure. On today’s show we’re going to look at those places where home ownership is the highest, and those places where it is lowest.


Host: Victor Menasce

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