Today’s question comes from Vishal in Canada.

Can we touch on the  flight of capital to US from Canada of wealthy families? If not, would you mind letting us know of what you think is happening and is it real or too far-fetched a possibility?

Are you worried that we may come to a point where investments and wealthy family offices shy away from Canada? Your thoughts are always enlightening and call for some thinking on our part, so let us know in your views in a podcast episode.

Vishal, this is a great question. The article in the Financial Post speaks about Having assets in safe jurisdictions outside your country of residence is part of the solution for long-lasting wealth. If you are a student of history, governments have a history of confiscating wealth. I don’t see this as a Canada US issue at all. From that perspective, I disagree with the article. I see the problem as more general.


Host: Victor Menasce