I’ve had a number of podcast guests and listeners ask about what it takes to be a guest on this show.

On today’s show we’re going to look at two aspects of podcast recording. What I’m going to talk about is equally applicable to a radio show or even video. We are talking about audio quality. I’m often approached by real estate investors to be a potential guest on this show. I would say that I average about 2-3 requests per day to be a guest on the show. I reject the vast majority because I don’t think they would be a good fit for you, the listener.

Our listeners are sophisticated investors. Many of you are experienced apartment investors. Some own thousands of units. We have listeners who are investment bankers. We have lenders. We have people who are architects and engineers who work for some of the major commercial builders around the nation. You are not a rookie audience.

We are not the “We buy houses” crowd who are out there sending thousands of mailers hoping to close a tiny percentage of distressed home owners. In order to be a guest, you have to have a message that is relevant to our listeners. That’s a given. Next you have to be able to deliver quality audio.

On today’s show we’re going take a deep look at audio quality. I want you to hear the difference between a professionally recorded and edited show, versus one that has been thrown together. When you are listening to a show with high production values, you don’t notice the audio quality. It is effortless to listen to even in a wide range of environments.


Host: Victor Menasce

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