On today’s show I’m going out on a limb to give you information about the pandemic that is not making headlines. This will help you with your business planning for 2022. I want to be clear that I’m not a doctor and I’m not providing medical advice. I’m merely reporting the results of scientific studies that have been released for publication and are currently undergoing peer review. Once complete the peer review process, this information would be officially published whereas today it’s available as a pre print paper. You can draw your own conclusions about what this might mean for the course of this pandemic. There are numerous public health and governmental bodies sounding the alarm over 0Micron. This pandemic has taught us that anything is possible.

First of all, the 0Micron variant is vastly more transmissible than its predecessors. You have been hearing that in the news for weeks. But the good news is that it is producing much less severe disease than it’s predecessors.

We also know that if you have antibodies to one of the previous variants, you are not protected from catching 0Micron.

The big question is whether antibodies from 0Micron will protect you from Delta, and that is what this study looks at. It was conducted by the Africa Health Research Institute in Durban South Africa. A number of institutions participated in the study. I’ve included the link to the paper in the show notes.


We have already seen that the existing vaccines do not provide any antibody immunity against the 0Micron variant which is why many people who have been fully vaccinated are getting 0Micron.

What they did is that they took samples from newly infected people at the onset of symptoms when the number of antibodies to protect against the virus is low because they have not yet been developed by the body’s immune system. We are not talking about Tcell immunity, but antibody immunity. The researchers measured the immunity from the initial sample against 0Micron and against Delta and then compared with a second sample taken 14 days after the onset of symptoms when presumably the body would have generated enough antibodies to fight off the disease.

The question is whether the antibodies produced by 0Micron protect against Delta? That is what they looked at in this study.