Today’s show is answering a question for the students at Virginia Commonwealth University and their professor Josh Ridpath who has been using the Real Estate Espresso Podcast for course content in their program. Professor Ridpath writes:

“My students found your content on the inflationary pressures of the shipping bottlenecks and increased prices for packaging eye-opening.

Among my students, several of them only thought of real estate investing through the lens of Airbnb. I don’t have much experience in short-term rentals. Still, I thought it might make an interesting episode to make a quick comparison between the breakdown of income and expenses for a single-family home used as a traditional rental vs. a short-term rental. A lot of them only see the higher revenue on a nightly basis and have no basis for things like vacancy, management fees, and cleaning that isn’t typical in a traditional rental.

Thanks for all of the great content.”


Host: Victor Menasce