Today is another AMA episode (Ask Me Anything). Today’s question comes from Kevin who writes:

“Your podcast has been great. It has really challenged my thinking in a lot of ways. I particularly call back to (and continually share) the podcast you did talking about opening a restaurant and how much thought you put into the dishes. This way of thinking is a lifestyle and something so much more than dishes, its about details mattering in everything you do and sending a message to those around you that they matter. Thanks for that insight.

If I can add, you are an investor in multiple countries and I aspire to do the same. I am wondering how you think about currency and functioning in multiple countries. Do you try to hold fiat in multiple countries or do you pull your profits home to your home currency? Do you try to time exchange rates? Do you try to hold foreign profits in something like gold or do you find safety being diversified in multiple fiats?”


Host: Victor Menasce