On today’s show we’re talking about how to qualify a waterfront property as having potential for development.

This show was the result of several inquiries from a friend who is looking to build a waterfront permanent residence on a desirable body of water near a major city.

Waterfront properties have a reputation for being expensive. These properties are in short supply compared with inland properties and they typically sell at a premium to the market. It’s easy to understand why, if you love the water. Many of the existing waterfront homes were built at a time when less regulation existed.

Today, protection of inland and oceanfront waterways has quite properly brought additional regulation in order to protect the local ecology and wildlife.

Gone are the days when you could bring in a few truckloads of sand and voila you have an instant private beach. Those types of shoreline modifications were common 50 years ago, but are prohibited today in most areas.

There are nine considerations that are specific to waterfront properties that inland properties generally don’t have to deal with. On today’s show we review all nine of these specific items.