On today’s show we’re talking about how to hire. I can tell you that I’ve hired hundreds of employees over the years.

We have recently brought several new members into our team and have focused on hiring for character. You can’t train character. People either have the kind of characteristics and attributes that will mesh with the organization or they don’t. You can’t train people to be committed. They either have that or they don’t. I’ve found that whenever there was a bad hire, it’s because we focused too much on skills and not enough on attributes.

I’ve heard from so many that hiring is difficult this year. I see the help wanted signs everywhere. I have no doubt that for tasks with low personal development and low impact, hiring will be difficult. There continue to be a lot of people out of the work force. Many of these people are those who have chosen to stay home for family reasons.

If you want to be hiring in 2021, consider that you need to offer more than just an hourly rate. You may want to consider engaging the heart, mind, and personal growth of your new team members.


Host: Victor Menasce

email: podcast@victorjm.com