Today is another AMA episode (Ask Me Anything). Our question comes from Magin who writes.

I have 3 young adult sons (18, 19 1/2 and 21). I’m proud to say They are interested in investing and are all participating in the upcoming Real Estate Investor Summit in June 2022.  I have no doubt that all three of my boys are going to be “rock stars” when it comes to investing!  That being said I was wondering as well connected as you are, if you  could recommend some “low entry” investment opportunities for young adults?  Of course they would all need to do their own due diligence.

Thank you so much for your podcast!

Magin, this is a great question.

We’re going to brainstorm a few ideas on today’s show on how that might be possible. What I’m about to describe probably doesn’t exist. If it does, I haven’t heard about it. But we are literally having a live brainstorming discussion on the air and maybe you will discover some fatal flaws in these ideas. Ot maybe it will stimulate additional ideas that you could implement yourself.